[EPUB] Indebted by Ainsley St Claire

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Have you ever been so determined to protect what’s yours that you’d go to extreme lengths to ensure it doesn’t slip through your fingers again?

In ePUB/PDF formats of “Indebted” by Ainsley St Claire, the gripping tale of love, revenge, and unexpected connections takes center stage. Join us as we dive into the world of billionaire CEO Jaxson Bancroft, who will stop at nothing, even orchestrating a fake engagement, to save his company.

But what happens when the lines between the charade and reality blur, and sparks fly with a woman who refuses to be fooled?

In “Indebted,” the second installment of the Paper Billionaire series, Ainsley St Claire crafts a riveting narrative of fake engagements, sizzling office romance, and the intoxicating allure of forbidden desire.

Here’s what you can expect from this enthralling read:

1. A Bold Plan: Jaxson Bancroft, the billionaire CEO of Honeycomb Games, faces a crisis that could tarnish his company’s reputation and jeopardize its impending IPO. To salvage his business, he devises an audacious scheme: a fake engagement. But his choice of partner is unexpected.

2. The Unyielding Assistant: Enter Harper Lockwood, Jaxson’s smart and dedicated assistant. Harper is far from fooled by Jaxson’s grand plan. As their professional relationship takes an unexpected turn, the distinction between genuine emotions and fabricated intentions becomes increasingly blurred.

3. Love and Vengeance: As Jaxson and Harper navigate the complexities of their faux engagement, revenge unfolds in the form of a relentless pursuit to avenge a stolen innovation. Joined by Grayson Blackstone and Nick Maywood, Jaxson and Harper find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game.

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4. Unveiling Desires: Amidst the charade, an undeniable chemistry simmers between Jaxson and Harper. But Jaxson’s haunted by past traumas, refusing to succumb to love.

5. Roller Coaster Romance: Author Ainsley St Claire weaves a tapestry of emotions, unexpected twists, and simmering desire. “Indebted” is not just a story of love, but a journey of redemption, revenge, and self-discovery.

“Indebted” stands as a testament to the power of love’s unpredictable nature. Ainsley St Claire skillfully explores the realms of passion, deception, and ambition, all while navigating the treacherous terrain of the billionaire world.

Dive into a contemporary romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, leaving you yearning for more. Join Jaxson and Harper as they confront their emotions, face their nemesis, and unravel the complexities of their entwined destinies.

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