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If the pursuit of money drives the world’s momentum, then the beating heart of New York’s global financial stage is the real estate market. Within this vibrant whirlwind, we encounter the enigmatic characters of “Heartless” by Robin Knight.

In this tantalizing tale, we navigate the contrasting worlds of two individuals, Ashton and Bailey, whose lives are intricately woven into the fabric of Manhattan’s elite society.

Heartless Robin Knight ePUB Overview: In this book, Door opens to Manhattan’s real estate realm, where Ashton, a member of the city’s realty aristocracy, thrives. His role as a high-powered agent demands a polished facade and unrelenting determination. As readers delve deeper, they witness the allure of his meticulously crafted exterior and the intricate dance he performs to clinch those coveted deals.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re introduced to Bailey, an individual who is inexplicably drawn to Ashton, her enigmatic boss. As she navigates the complexities of an unrequited affection, we explore the nuances of her character – an embodiment of contrasts. While Ashton is the embodiment of opulence, Bailey is content with her humble existence, caring for her Grammy and grappling to make ends meet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Worlds of Contrasts: The story unveils the juxtaposition of Manhattan’s real estate opulence and the quiet simplicity of personal lives.
  • Facade of Success: Ashton’s polished exterior contrasts with his intricate strategies to conquer the cutthroat real estate market.
  • Enigmatic Bonds: Bailey’s unexplainable attraction to Ashton highlights the inexplicable nature of human connections.
  • Self-Discovery: Bailey’s journey emphasizes the importance of self-contentment and embracing one’s own path.
  • Quiet Strength: Despite the allure of grandeur, Bailey’s dedication to her Grammy and her resilience shines as a beacon of strength.
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“ASHTON” in “Heartless” by Robin Knight paints a vivid tapestry of New York’s high-stakes real estate scene, inviting readers to explore the dynamic interplay between ambition and simplicity, opulence and contentment, and attraction in the most unexpected places.

Delve into the lives of these characters and reflect on the tapestry of contrasts that shape their journey. Through this mesmerizing narrative, you’ll find a reflection of the multifaceted human experience, where desires, aspirations, and connections intertwine against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis.

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