[EPUB] Was It Good For You? by Kathryn Freeman

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Have you ever tried quantifying your romantic experiences on a spreadsheet? Well, Sophie certainly has. In “Was It Good For You?” by Kathryn Freeman, the unconventional approach to love takes center stage.

Sophie’s meticulous Excel spreadsheets capture every detail of her life, including her romantic escapades. But when an accidental mass email exposes her personal rating system, Sophie finds herself facing an unexpected challenge that might just change her perspective on love.

Dive into the world of “Was It Good For You?” and witness the hilarious chaos that unfolds when a meticulously organized life collides with matters of the heart. Sophie’s mishap turns her calculated existence upside down, and readers are in for a delightful rollercoaster of romance and self-discovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Pitfalls of Over-Organization: Sophie’s reliance on spreadsheets underscores the limits of regimented thinking, especially in matters as unpredictable as love.
  • Unforeseen Connections: Michael’s challenge thrusts Sophie out of her digital comfort zone, revealing the potential for genuine connections beyond rigid equations.
  • Beyond the Numbers: Love defies quantification. The book reminds us that emotions, chemistry, and human connections are far too intricate to be confined within boxes and formulas.

In “Was It Good For You?” by Kathryn Freeman offers a hilarious yet thought-provoking exploration of love, life, and the unexpected paths they lead us down. Sophie’s journey from a numerical approach to an emotional connection reminds us that sometimes, the best experiences in life can’t be neatly calculated or predicted.

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So, if you’re ready to laugh, reflect, and perhaps reconsider your own outlook on love, this novel is a must-read. Open the pages and prepare to be charmed by the unpredictable journey of Sophie and Michael as they navigate the intricate dance of emotions and equations.

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