[EPUB] Summer Love at the Cornish Bakery by Sarah Hope

Summer Love at the Cornish Bakery (Escape To… The Cornish Bakery #17) by Sarah Hope eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

If your are looking for a heartwarming tale of love and self-discovery set against the backdrop of the beautiful Cornish coast? “Summer Love at the Cornish Bakery” by Sarah Hope is the enchanting story that awaits you. Join us in Penworth Bay, Cornwall, where Carmen’s unexpected journey unfolds as she volunteers at The Cornish Bay Bakery, exchanging her time for more than just a cosy room.

In “Summer Love at the Cornish Bakery,” Carmen finds herself at a crossroads in life. With her new business failing, she decides to forego a girlie holiday abroad and instead embarks on an adventure to The Cornish Bay Bakery. As she immerses herself in the warmth of Elsie’s bakery family and the beauty of Penworth Bay, Carmen starts to appreciate the joys of her last-minute change of plans.

However, fate has a surprise in store for Carmen when she encounters Rob, the man who once broke her heart. Will their shared past and Rob’s mysterious disappearance four years ago disrupt the tranquility of Carmen’s Cornish escape? As old feelings resurface, Carmen must come to terms with her emotions and understand the reasons behind Rob’s actions.

Amidst the sun-soaked days and the blossoming romance, an unfortunate discovery back home and the reappearance of someone from Rob’s past could dampen their rekindled love. Follow Carmen on her journey of self-discovery as she navigates friendship, love, and the chance for a second shot at happiness in the idyllic setting of Penworth Bay.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Change: Sometimes, unexpected detours lead to beautiful destinations.
  • Rediscover Love: Explore the possibility of second chances and rekindled romance.
  • Self-Discovery: Join Carmen on her journey of understanding and growth.
  • Cherish Friendship: Treasure the bonds formed in unexpected places.

In final words “Summer Love at the Cornish Bakery” is a heartwarming tale that will transport you to the magical world of Penworth Bay. Sarah Hope weaves a story of love, friendship, and self-discovery that will leave you enchanted.

So, come and join Carmen in this delightful journey as she finds the courage to embrace change and open her heart to the possibility of summer love.

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