[EPUB] None Of This Is True: A Novel by Lisa Jewell

Hey readers, let’s welcome a scintillating new psychological thriller eBook – None Of This Is True: A Novel by Lisa Jewell in PDF/EPUB formats. Brace yourself for an enthralling tale of intrigue and danger as a woman finds herself entangled in the subject of her own popular true crime podcast.

From the acclaimed #1 New York Times bestselling author, Lisa Jewell, known for her superb storytelling, twisted characters, and captivating prose.

In “None Of This Is True ePUB” As Alix Summer celebrates her forty-fifth birthday at her local pub, fate leads her to encounter an unassuming woman named Josie Fair, who also happens to be celebrating her forty-fifth birthday – they are birthday twins. The chance meeting sparks a curious connection.

Days later, Alix and Josie cross paths again, this time near Alix’s children’s school. Josie reveals that she’s been an avid listener of Alix’s podcasts and believes Alix would make for an interesting subject in her series. She hints at significant life changes on the horizon.

Intrigued, Alix begins making the podcast, delving into Josie’s life. However, as she peels back the layers, she uncovers strange and complicated aspects of Josie’s world that unsettle her. Despite her unease, Alix cannot resist the allure of the story.

Gradually, Alix stumbles upon dark secrets that Josie has concealed. Before she knows it, Josie manages to infiltrate Alix’s life and even her home. But just as quickly as Josie appeared, she vanishes, leaving Alix to confront a terrifying legacy she has left behind.

A shocking revelation awaits Alix as she realizes she has unwittingly become the subject of her own true crime podcast. Now, her life and the lives of her family hang in the balance, with mortal threats lurking in the shadows.

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Key Questions in None Of This Is True pdf

  • Who is Josie Fair?
  • What dark secrets does she hide?
  • How did Josie manage to infiltrate Alix’s life?
  • What terrible legacy has Josie left in her wake?
  • Will Alix and her family escape the looming danger?

Discover the answers in “None Of This Is True,” a gripping novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Lisa Jewell weaves an intricate web of suspense, leaving readers spellbound with this electrifying psychological thriller.