[EPUB] Gift Horse by Katherine Avery

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If you’re in the mood for a delightful horsey rom-com that will leave you smiling, “Gift Horse” by Katherine Avery is a must-read. Get ready to be charmed as you follow the story of a protagonist who lands a job with a polo star, only to discover there’s more to it than she bargained for.

In “Gift Horse ePUB,” our protagonist finds herself working for the Golden Horseshoes, not her dream job, but it pays the bills, and she gets to be around the dreamy polo team. When she hears that the attractive Argentinian polo star, Mariano Arias, is looking for an assistant, she jumps at the chance.

However, her excitement quickly turns to surprise when she learns the real purpose of the job: finding him a wealthy patroness. The world of polo reveals an unusual arrangement where young stars seek sponsorship from elite widows in exchange for a certain type of “company.” Determined to help Mariano, but not without a price, she embarks on a comical journey that will keep you entertained throughout.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the hilarity and steam in the world of polo through this rom-com series.
  • Follow the protagonist’s humorous misadventures as she navigates the polo scene and the unexpected job requirements.
  • Explore the unconventional deals that polo stars make to secure much-needed sponsorship.
  • Join the protagonist in her quest to help Mariano, all while maintaining her sense of humor and self-respect.
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In summary “Gift Horse Katherine Avery” ePUB introduces readers to the amusing and surprising world of polo, where romance and comedy intertwine in a captivating tale. Follow the protagonist as she embraces her unconventional job, and see how her determination and wit make this a truly delightful read.

Dive into the hilarious and steamy world of polo in this rom-com series by Katherine Avery and Peak Press. It’s a treat you won’t want to miss, leaving readers calling it “genius” and “really hot.” Grab your copy today and prepare to be entertained!

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