[EPUB] Enemies in Earnest by Willow Sanders

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Enter the captivating world of “Enemies in Earnest” by Willow Sanders, where love for literature clashes with the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Acacia Ashley, a devoted fan of Ernest Hemingway, runs a bar in his honor. But her peaceful Hemingway Days in Candy Cane Key are threatened every year by Edwin Wheeler, a sea-loving businessman with no regard for books or old men. Their enmity runs deep, fueled by a past incident that still haunts them both.

In this steamy small-town collection, “Enemies in Earnest” takes you on a thrilling journey to Candy Cane Key, Florida. Acacia’s passion for the written word collides with Edwin’s obsession with the sea and wealth. As a storm looms, their businesses face jeopardy, pushing them to confront their turbulent history. Will they find a way to bury the hatchet and avoid a dangerous summer, or will their feud only intensify?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Passion: Acacia’s love for Hemingway’s prose drives her to honor his legacy through her bar and annual celebrations.
  • Pursuit of Wealth: Edwin’s focus on the sea and financial gain puts him at odds with Acacia and her literary passion.
  • Past Hurts and Grudges: Unresolved conflicts from the past add fuel to the fire of their ongoing feud.
  • Finding Common Ground: The approaching storm forces Acacia and Edwin to consider setting aside their animosity for the sake of their businesses.

In summary “Enemies in Earnest pdf” delivers a riveting tale of love, rivalry, and redemption. Join Acacia and Edwin in their clash of interests and desires, set against the backdrop of a charming small town. As they navigate their tumultuous history and face an impending storm, discover how they must find common ground to ensure a safe and prosperous summer.

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Experience the allure of Candy Cane Key and immerse yourself in the steamy world of romance with the Paradise Men.

Don’t miss this captivating journey into a world where passion and pursuit collide, leaving you eager to escape to Candy Cane Key, Florida, and join the enthralling All the Holidays celebration in 2023!

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