[EPUB] Camp Damascus by Chuck Tingle

Prepare yourself for a searing and earnest horror debut that delves into the demons faced by the queer community in America. “Camp Damascus” by Chuck Tingle explores the price of keeping secrets and the courageous journey of burning it all down. Brace yourself, as this chilling tale will scare you straight to hell.

Camp Damascus Book Overview

Welcome to Neverton, Montana, a seemingly God-fearing community with a heart of gold. Nestled high up in the mountains is Camp Damascus, proudly claiming to be the most effective gay conversion camp in the nation. Promising a life free from sin, the camp appears to offer salvation. However, the truth behind its success is far from holy.

Key Takeaways from Camp Damascus

  • The horrors faced by the queer community in America are vividly depicted.
  • The steep price one pays for keeping secrets is explored.
  • Finding the courage to dismantle oppressive systems becomes a central theme.

“Camp Damascus” by Chuck Tingle is a chilling and thought-provoking debut that sheds light on the struggles endured by the queer community. It unveils the dark underbelly of conversion camps, urging readers to confront the consequences of secrecy and to find the strength to challenge oppressive forces. Brace yourself for a gripping journey that will leave you questioning societal norms and yearning for change.

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