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Are you tired of baking the same recipes repeatedly? If you’re a friend of baking and seeking a delightful change, “Baking Yesteryear” by B. Dylan Hollis is the #1 New York Times Bestseller you need to explore. This captivating cookbook takes you on a delectable journey through the 20th century, highlighting the best (and a few of the worst) baking recipes from years gone by.

“Baking Yesteryear” is a decade-by-decade baking adventure curated by the talented B. Dylan Hollis. Travel back in time and rediscover vintage forgotten greats as Dylan introduces you to unique and tasty treats from each era. With a generous pinch of fun and a cupful of humor, you’ll learn how to recreate gems like the Chocolate Potato Cake from the 1910s and the Avocado Pie from the 1960s.

Key Recipes:

  • 1900s Cornflake Macaroons
  • 1910s ANZAC Biscuits
  • 1930s Peanut Butter Bread
  • 1940s Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake
  • 1950s Tomato Soup Cake
  • 1970s Potato Chip Cookies

Dylan has meticulously handpicked 101 expertly curated recipes from antique cookbooks to share with you. From the shining stars of each decade to the most disastrously strange ones, “Baking Yesteryear” promises a baking experience like no other.

With Dylan’s larger-than-life personality and a plethora of comedic puns, “Baking Yesteryear” ensures that baking with him never gets old. The cookbook is a delightful invitation to explore the delicious flavors and nostalgia of the past.

So, put on your apron, grab your mixing bowls, and embark on a baking journey that will leave you licking your lips and begging for more. Enjoy the delightful recipes and the delightful company of B. Dylan Hollis as you create timeless treats from yesteryear.

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